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15-Dec-2011, 11:10
So I processed a Kodak EPN(?) slide film in BW developer, and got a nice rasberry color to it. It was getting late so I quit development for the night last night after that batch.

My question is, since I did not try to develop any more film, will the soup still work? Can a go ahead and keep using the developer tonight or just mix up a new batch?

As a note, no, the images did not turn out too well, and so far no happy mistakes.

Thanks for your thoughts.


16-Dec-2011, 09:15
It depends on the developer. Pyrocat-HD won't last more than an hour once it's mixed. While D-76 would probably be fine for much longer. Also depends on how much developer you diluted with water etc.. I would say just mix up a new batch of developer to be safe.

Brian C. Miller
16-Dec-2011, 09:16
Ilfosol 3 is a one-shot developer. Mix it, use it, toss it.

16-Dec-2011, 13:30
Thanks Domaz and Brian. Gotcha. Mix a new batch for my development session tonight.