View Full Version : A problem with front tilt of deardorff 8 x10!

15-Dec-2011, 08:12
I have just bought an old vintage deardorff and felt so happy with it accept for the tilt function of the front board. It was easy to loose even if I turned it very tight. Does anyone have the same problem?
I do not know whether it is own weak point of DD or just because of its old wear.

Any advices would be appreciated ! thank you!

Jim Noel
15-Dec-2011, 08:17
Y0u may be missing a washer on the tilt lock.
This said, the front tilt will have difficulty holding a heavier than normal lens.


15-Dec-2011, 08:38
I noticed that there are 2 washers each side between the front braces.

Also I saw two different kinds of these washers

one is as mine: have the flatten surface
the others is as the following

I'm considering to purchase these kind of ebay's washers with the hope that it will improve.

how do you think?

15-Dec-2011, 08:51
The seller is LF Deardorff and Sons. Good people. Give Barry a call and see if you need the other washer as well. He fixed mine :)

Brian Ellis
15-Dec-2011, 09:00
Unless you're using a very large, heavy lens/shutter the problem is with your particular camera, it's not an inherent Deardorff problem.

In addition to Barry mentioned above (whose company makes current Deardorffs but who didn't make yours) you could also try Ken Hough who occasionally participates here and who repairs Deardorffs. He's very knowledgeable especially about the older versions (google or search here for his email address, sorry I don't have it handy).

18-Dec-2011, 18:05
The compression washers are the way to go. You may need a longer screw with them. I have them too.