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John Conway
14-Dec-2011, 16:40
I have a Gossen Luna Pro (gray) that needs replacement batteries. Since the original mercury batteries are not available, what are my options?

John Conway
14-Dec-2011, 18:33
I found the fix. Wein MRB625 1.35v

14-Dec-2011, 22:10
I found the fix. Wein MRB625 1.35v I use the MRB625 batteries. Unlike common misunderstandings about the zinc air batteries they last longer than the button batteries... hearing aid style some try to use. Here is an excerpt from a site that sells various batteries:

"Another mercury PX625 replacement is a zinc air battery. The WeinCELL MRB625 is a custom zinc/air battery designed to replace banned mercury batteries. WeinCELLs deliver the same 1.35 V voltage and stability of output as did the mercury PX625 batteries so there is no need to adjust your exposure. The WeinCELL MRB625 batteries last much longer than hearing aid batteries, some times up to a year. To achieve this longer life, the MRB625 used a proprietary electrolyte and has only two small air holes, instead of the 7 larger holes found in standard hearing aid batteries."

In fact, since these are such a good replacement for the old PX625 mercury battery and fit in the same chambers, I use them in a variety of old rangefinders that were powered by the PX625 mercury.

In addition, with the lesser number of holes, another way to lengthen the life span is to remove them and tape over the air holes when not in use for extended periods. I commonly get 9 months to a year out of them.

They sell at various sites listed on eBay for around $5 or 2 for $9. Find them by searching mrb625.

J. Fada
14-Dec-2011, 23:04
I have a Luna Pro that I put a diode, or whatever its called, in and then recalibrated it for silver batteries. Meters exactly the same as my SBC now. The Wein cell is easier.

15-Dec-2011, 00:39
Hello !
Gossen used to sell the successor of the Luna Pro until recently. They have devised a little adapter holding two silver oxide batteries and making, with the aid of a micro circuit, an exact replacement of the couple of mercury batteries. The adapter is not cheap but it is one in a lifetime buy.
I own a couple of Gossen meters, one grey "Lunasix 3 " as is called the Luna Pro in Europe, I put into an adapter and the more modern "Lunasix 3S" which is the last incarnation fiteed with the adapter direct from factory.
Both are spot on. So you may well check....

15-Dec-2011, 06:09
This (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/89868-REG/Gossen_GO_4145_Adapter_Kit_Battery_Holder_for.html) is the adapter. At $45.85, definitely not cheap. There are plans on the 'net somewhere on how to do it yourself.


Joseph Dickerson
15-Dec-2011, 09:35
Criscam.com also sells an adapter, but they are $36 each and for the Gossen Luna Pro you'll need two.

But it's a onetime investment, and the Luna Pro is a great meter.


15-Dec-2011, 09:45
For me the Gossen adapter has been a very good investment. The batteries are long-lasting, much longer lasting than air-zinc cells. No fuss. It only hurts once... when you pay for the adapter. After that it's all gain with no pain!

Kevin Crisp
15-Dec-2011, 09:47
I had my calibrated by Light Metric for silver cells. The adapter would be cheaper by a bit, but my meter needed other work anyway.

Michael Graves
15-Dec-2011, 10:51
I found the fix. Wein MRB625 1.35v

Ditto. I have a Luna Pro, an Olympus OM-1 and a Nikkormat. About a week ago, I got tired of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul every time I wanted to use one or the other and ordered a bunch from Amazon. 12 for $48.00 and change. They just came in yesterday and I spent a blissful 20 minutes putting in new batteries and watching all three devices work at the same time.

J. Fada
15-Dec-2011, 14:26
One other cheap option is to put a washer around a hearing aid battery la Wein. You'll have to google that though as I don't know all the details but I have seen it done.

Robert Ley
15-Dec-2011, 14:51
I had thought that you could still buy the mercury batteries in Canada. Maybe one of our Canadian members can enlighten us on that fact.

16-Dec-2011, 10:43
Hello !
I doubt that. Mercury had been internationaly banned (like the gas in the fridges causing the ozoone hole)
Maybe one maker/distributor had a bunch of New old stock, but it should be gone by now.

16-Dec-2011, 11:01
I have an old Weston Ranger 9 that requires a PX14 battery, or two PX13's. Is there a WeinCELL replacement for these?

E. von Hoegh
16-Dec-2011, 11:09
I have an old Weston Ranger 9 that requires a PX14 battery, or two PX13's. Is there a WeinCELL replacement for these?

Px-13 is the same as the 625.

Ron (Netherlands)
17-Dec-2011, 15:21
The adapter works with two kind of schottkey diodes in it. You can also put two of these diodes in a meter yourself. Will cost you then only USD 5 or so in total.

scroll down on the below website to see where to put the diode in:

17-Dec-2011, 15:37
Px-13 is the same as the 625.

Thanks! I did not know that. Maybe now I can get this old meter working again.