View Full Version : 11x14+ Back For Kodak 2D 7x11

Annie M.
21-Oct-2003, 12:55
I am wondering if it is possible to put an 11x14 or larger back on my Kodak 7x11. The rear bellows frame opening measures 11x11 inches, I assume that this will be the primary limiting factor as I have in hand a few lenses that have spectacular coverage. I was thinking of a back similar to the Empire State Reversible back, as the box type of frame that is incorporated into this type of back may allow for an increased portion of the image circle that can be utilized. Or will secondary bellows attachment behind the original back frame be required to prevent vignetting by the rear bellows frame opening?

Any wisdom, experiences, or insights into glaring flaws in my logic are greatly appreciated.

21-Oct-2003, 15:26
If I understand this correctly....

If your rear bellows frame is 11x11, then you'll vignette a good portion of an 11x14 image. The rear bellows frame on an 11x14 is typically on the order of 16x16. You may be able to get away with using an intermediate standard and a larger extension bellows, but that is getting both complicated and unwieldy. Better to get a bigger camera outright, in my opinion.

Cheers, Will

Annie M.
21-Oct-2003, 16:22
Will, if the rear bellows frame is typically 16x16 I believe you are correct about acquiring a bigger camera as the most appropriate solution. Just happened to have the holders and the lens so I was hoping for a short cut for the 'in-between'. Thanks... Annie.

Donald Miller
21-Oct-2003, 17:36
If it were me and I wanted the variety of formats, I would talk to Keith Canham and see whether he would build me a camera that would allow changing between a 11X14, and 7X11 format. With the correct size of rear standard as well as bellows sizing the reducing back would probably be less expensive the switching bellows and rear standards between format sizes. The rear standard dimensions would probably be on the order of 16 inches square. I would order the camera to allow the back to be rotated. That way you wouldn't be relegated to capturing the world as a horizontal object. The option is to buy a separate 11X14 camera.

Jim Galli
21-Oct-2003, 19:00
Build a back "extension" that begins at your 11X11 and angles within 3-4" or so to 16X16. Just for the record though I think you're nuts and should send those 11X14 holders to me. :>))

Annie M.
21-Oct-2003, 19:55
Jim... Funny you should mention that.... I couldn't resist and built a 'prototype' back from matt board & I used oiled velum for the GG.... (looks rather like a mesoamerican step pyramid) a 15 inch opening at about 2 inches of extension there is no vignetting of the 11x14 GG by the rear bellows frame and here's the bonus... at first look it seems to me that the Computar 240 covers the format... & one of my $2 lens hacks definitely covers with lots of movements!

Donald... eventually I will find my stride and get my ideal camera made ... I'm just beginning and have yet to explore all the formats... However, 7x11 is still the proportion that resonates with my sensibility.

Cheers. A.