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James Phillips
21-Oct-2003, 12:27
I am sure that you all have noticed that when you put sunglasses on (outside on a bright day) that the fall colors seem so much more vivid. I also know that the human eye has an uncanny ability to adjust to the light spectrum and fool our mind into believing that most outdoor light is "white light".

I am now wondering if it is possible to place a filter on the lens while shooting color film that will increase the saturation of the fall colors. In simple terms "Is there a sunglass filter" that will work properly?

Perhaps if anybody understands this maybe a layman's explanation would be helpful. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Eric Rose
21-Oct-2003, 12:37
They're called CC filters. Normally you use them to adjust for weird artifical light but there are "filter packs" that work great for enhancing colours in outdoor work. Generally they are gels so you need a holder. I suppose Hoya or someone like that has some kind of instant neon fall colour zapper filter you could buy as well. The proper use of a polarizer might get you further in the long run.

Mark Erickson
21-Oct-2003, 13:24
My rose-tinted Maui Jim sunglasses aren't that different from the combination of a Tiffen 812 and a polarizer. Polarizing filters and warming filters (and combinations thereof) offer well-known ways to improve fall color saturation on film.

Robert A. Zeichner
21-Oct-2003, 14:26
There is such a thing as a color enhancement filter. This was first developed by a close friend of mine, Howard G. Ross, a glass chemist and stock photographer. For a scientific explanation of how this works, go to my web site www.razeichner.com, click on links I like and then click on "Romancing the rare earths". This should provide you with some insight on the topic. Also, it was Howards observation, one similar to yours, that prompted him to develop this filter! His sunglasses were fitted with some unusual glass.

Robert A. Zeichner
21-Oct-2003, 16:38
http://medfmt.8k.com/mf/filters.html will take you directly there. In checking my previous instructions I discovered that some might have difficulty getting to this page.

Bruce Watson
21-Oct-2003, 18:55
I thought someone did that already - to the film, not the lens. They call it "velvia" I think ;-)

Sergio Caetano
21-Oct-2003, 19:34

It's not Velvia. It's Kodachrome, 70 years ago.

Bill Jefferson
22-Oct-2003, 03:40
James, I bought my enhancement filter form Ross, also a haze reducing filter he sells, Completely satisfied, the only way to go.

Martin Patek-Strutsky
22-Oct-2003, 04:52
B+W offers a filter called "redhancer". According to their PR it is supposed to be the ideal filter for autumn landscapes when combined with a polarizer.

Never tried it.

James Phillips
23-Oct-2003, 06:10
Thanks for the replies. You have indeed answered my questions.

I guess my question was twofold. The first was simply curiosity as to whether a filter that was made like sunglasses would impart a color cast on the negative.

The second was if there was such a filter in existence.

I am thankful to Robert for providing such a wonderful link that fully explained the process.

Kind Regards,