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Black Lightning
14-Dec-2011, 12:44
During my recent re-entry into large format photography I found a Polaroid 545 film holder which I forget I even had and I cant for the life of me remember how I got it. At first I was really excited about the find but I soon found out that the film designed for this holder is no longer available. I have never shot instant film except for an old Polaroid Land camera I found on a scrap heap over 25 years ago (and I still have it).

I am not interested in spending over $200 on a contemporary holder for the current Fuji instant films which could very well become obsolete before we know it. So far I have gotten by just fine in LF without instant film. Instant film is something I want to dabble in.

Has anybody devised a way to use Fuji instant film in the Polaroid film holder? I expect that I would have to (in the dark room) separate the sheets and load them into individual light-tight envelopes and then use the sheets much the same way the recently obsolesced Fuji Quickloads were handled. This is just a thought of mine. I have not yet handled any of the modern Fuji instant film and I am assuming that it works the same way as other Instant film I have used does; little packet of chemicals at one end which is squeezed out and spread across the film as the film is removed from the camera or film holder.

Also: I recall hearing about some sort of instant film in the past which also made a negative along with the instant print. Does anybody else here know more about it? Do the current Fuji instant films do that?

Brian C. Miller
14-Dec-2011, 12:57
The Fuji 4x5 instant film can only be used with either the Fuji holder, or the Polaroid 550 holder.

As for the Fuji film, it isn't made to have a recoverable negative. But that doesn't mean that the negative can't be recovered. It's more of a stunt, really, but it can be done.
1: Shoot the film and let it develop normally.
2: Peel off the print. Nice print!
3: The plastic backing is the negative. You'll need to remove the extraneous bits with scissors.
4: Tape the negative to a clean sheet of glass, developed side down.
5: Brush bleach onto the back, and brush it around to get the black backing goo off.
6: Rinse off the bleach, remove the tape, and wash the negative.

Done! Look on [url="http://new55project.blogspot.com/"]New 55 Project[/i] for better information and pictures.

Frank Petronio
14-Dec-2011, 13:44
The 4x5 Fuji is supposedly discontinued but still in stock in many places. The smaller 3x4 Fuji Instant should be around for a while since it is used in many more devices - this is the stuff for the old Polaroid 405 holder and medium format backs.

While I wouldn't trash a 545 yet just in case someone makes some sort of revival film, it is highly doubtful based on the track record. I have 2-3 545s in the basement awaiting some constructive demolition.

14-Dec-2011, 14:34
If I had a dollar for every time this question was asked here...................

Black Lightning
14-Dec-2011, 14:56
If I had a dollar for every time this question was asked here...................

What question is that?

14-Dec-2011, 15:07
What question is that?

can I put fuji instant film in a polaroid 545?


Marc B.
14-Dec-2011, 20:42
RE: Fuji, color, instant pack film, in 4 X 5.
Absent an official discontinuation notice from Fuji, it appears that in the 4 X 5 size, the color, FP10045c is still in production.
Production has ceased on instant pack, b&w in 4 X 5, and has been officially announced by Fuji, with final shipments ending spring, (June ?) 2012.