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14-Dec-2011, 11:28
Hi all guys,
finally this afternoon I've received my new camera, A Linhof Technika IV with a Schneider Symmar S 210mm, a Tele-Xenar 270mm and a Schneider Symmar 180mm convertible.
The camera is in superb conditions and the bellows is perfect, everything works as it should and I'm very happy for my purchase.
I've never had a Linhof and I'm really astonished about the build quality, my previous 4x5 camera have been the Busch-Pressman D, the Speed Graphic, an Mpp and really this camera is on another league in my opinion.
I've just a question, the camera does not have a Fresnel mounted on and as I'm using a reflex finder I know that it need to be fitted for a better view, so what are my option and also can I mount the fresnel on my own or I need to send the camera to a Linhof center to calibrate?
I don't know if would be better to buy the Linhof Super screen kit or one of the other cheap option like Yankee etc..., what are your suggestion?
Here some pics of the camera.
Thanks for your help.

E. von Hoegh
14-Dec-2011, 11:45
Congratulations and welcome to the club:). Nice looking outfit.

Brian Ellis
14-Dec-2011, 11:54
Great cameras, I've had two, a Master and a V. They were my favorite 4x5s of the ten or so 4x5s I've owned.

With respect to your question about viewing screens, I've used the Linhof stock ground glass screen, a Beattie screen, a Maxwell screen, and a BosScreen (no longer made), as well as the screens (mostly Fresnels) that came as original equipment on a Tachihara, Ebony,Deardorff, and other cameras. Maxwell was the best by a wide margin but they're expensive. If you get one you'll be given all the hardware needed to mount it yourself.

Bob Salomon
14-Dec-2011, 12:27
First, enjoy!
Second, the Super Screen has been discontinued for a decade or two and was only sold in the USA. Linhof never marketed it in any other area.
Third, your camera may have the Fresnel mounted beneath the ground glass. Top side mounting is on later Linhof cameras.
If you have the Fresnel beneath the GG then a service center will have to change it to maintain the proper positioning of the GG. If it is not beneath the GG then you can mount it on top of the GG yourself but you will need to buy a pair of Linhof Fresnel Clips and a pair of the longer screws to replace the center screw on each of the GG Hold Down Bars. This is very easy to do.
Lastly, if you want the best possible image you also want to replace the GG with the current Linhof GG which is much better then the one from the older models, as is the current Fresnel. Considering the age of your camera, the last IV was made in 1963, the GG and, if present, the Fresnel, are probably no where near as clear and bright as they were when the camera was new and, as stated above, as bright and even as the current ones from Linhof.

14-Dec-2011, 12:41
HI Bob thanks for your help.
Definitely I have not any fresnel mounted on my camera so I need to found a solution.
In your opinion would be better to mount the GG and Fresnel combo (new parts) or find a SuperScreen from USA?
What about the differences in term of brightness?
Here a pic of my back and GG.

Bob Salomon
14-Dec-2011, 13:00
Use the current Linhof GG and Fresnel screen. Forget trying to find a Super Screen. It has been discontinued for too long that any that you find could be warped or scratched (it was an acrylic screen that was a view/focusing surface on one side and a Fresnel surface on the other). In order to protect the Fresnel surface there was a Super Screen Glass Overlay that was placed on top of the Fresnel surface. These were available either with or without a CM grid pattern. These have also been out of stock and production for years and you would never find a new one and very unlikely to find a used one that is not chipped or cracked as it was made from a very thin scientific float glass. Both the manufacturer that supplied that glass as well as the silk screen shop that applied the grid pattern are also out of business. Stick with the new one.
In case you are curious, the manufacturer of the Super Screen was Fresnel Optics who was also the manufacturer/owner of the Beattie screen. Over the years that we offered the Super Screen we had to have the thickness increased at least 3 different times. So if you were to find one you would have no way of knowing if you received an older or newer version. The later, thicker ones were more stable under a greater temperature range. With a Linhof GG/Fresnel this would not even be a factor since the GG is glass.

Frank Petronio
14-Dec-2011, 13:00
Follow Bob's advice.

Sometimes used Technikas and other Linhofs are sold with end users installing their own ground glass and/or fresnels and some of the time they have installed them incorrectly. This is more often the case with Linhofs I think because I have often found (or not found) several shims under the ground glass. I suspect the shims were professionally installed so when I encounter a camera without any I am suspicious. Unless you know the history I'd want to test the focusing with my set.

14-Dec-2011, 13:08
Yes, that's what I'm planning to do before and after the GG and fresnel change.
I will see, the price for the Linhof parts is expensive, any feedback with the Yankee combo?

Bob Salomon
14-Dec-2011, 13:13
Yes, that's what I'm planning to do before and after the GG and fresnel change.
I will see, the price for the Linhof parts is expensive, any feedback with the Yankee combo?

Welcome to the world of Linhof!
But as Frank mentioned, those shims are critical and if they are mis-set or missing it has to go to a service center. But if they are incorrect or missing then your film will most likely not be sharp and that is much more expensive then a new GG and Fresnel properly installed.

14-Dec-2011, 15:07
I thought that the Tech IV came with a Fresnel screen already installed (between the ground glass and the lens).

15-Dec-2011, 14:06
I have a couple of technikas and they're designed to have the fresnel fitted behind the GG
the middle screw on the GG holder plate comes out and you buy a clip assembly that screws into that hole... they should show clearly in the attached image
once the clip's in place you drop in the fresnel and swing the clip over to catch it
the mechanism makes it very easy to remove/ replace the fresnel at any time and doesn't interfere with focusing
I suggest you contct the local linhof distributer [or go direct to linhof in germany] for a pair of the clips as they're cheap and all you need to fit them is a small screwdriver

re the fresnel screen itself:
I have a linhof original fresnel on my Master and a $50 no-name fresnel on the IV and I think I prefer the cheaper one!

16-Dec-2011, 14:28
Bob knows what he's talking about; these shims are very important, if your camera uses them.
On my Technikardan, I replaced my old Linhof GG with a Yanke screen, with great results, but I had all four shims in place, and tested on a few sheets of film just to make sure the plane of focus hadn't shifted.
Good luck, and congratulations!

Bob Salomon
16-Dec-2011, 14:37
"I have a linhof original fresnel on my Master "

That is not a simple statement! The Master was introduced in 1972, that is 40 years ago!
The current Fresnel and the current GG on a current Master technika is not the same as the one on a 1972, 1982, 1992 or even a later model Master. Now did you compare an old Linhof Fresnel to a more recent one? Or did you compare a current Linhof Fresnel to a cheaper one?

16-Dec-2011, 16:16
all bought new over last 3 to 4 years... I guess that makes the linhof unit the current offering

Bob Salomon
16-Dec-2011, 16:43
all bought new over last 3 to 4 years... I guess that makes the linhof unit the current offering