View Full Version : my new DURST laborator 138 color darkroom

thomas ciulei
14-Dec-2011, 10:17
and here it is:
Durst Laborator 138s with CLS 301 color head

LTronix 24V power supply feeding 24V into modified DURST EST 301,
above is the Durst Fan

Exhaust fan exchanging 200 m3 air/h

JOBO ATL 1000 film processor and 55x65cm sink


Renato Tonelli
14-Dec-2011, 16:00
Very nice.

So now I have a question: have you ever tried to use the Jobo ATL 1000 to develop 5x7 film?

thomas ciulei
14-Dec-2011, 17:14
hi Renato,

i have not yet, but drumwise you need a Jobo Drum 3006, if i understand your question correctly.

like the one on ebay:


I am doing 4x5, and for regular developing the atl's great.
i fit 12 4x5 in one tank and use 660ml of chemicals.

with the 3006 Drum u get 6 sheetfilms developed

For fancy b%w stuff its still the old agitation, but i am sure u know that.


Renato Tonelli
14-Dec-2011, 19:29
Hi Thomas - the Expert drums do not fit the Jobo ATL 1000/1500 - I would like to find a way to develop 5x7 with my ATL 1500 (essentially the same machine as the ATL 1000).

thomas ciulei
15-Dec-2011, 01:47
uuups, i hear you, wasnt aware of that.

in any case, i would think that one can modify the "Sheetfilm Reel UNI", by extending it to take 6 x 13x18. I am thinking of a plastic extension, fitted between the two reel halves and machine drilled to fit snug.

I have also read somewhere about a guy who used paper drums to develop 2 13x18 at a time. cant find that link though...

i will dig into problem, plz let me know if u come up with anything.