View Full Version : Bostick & Sullivan - "Super Service"

Colin Myers
21-Oct-2003, 11:39
A couple of weeks ago, I ran a Pt/Pd printing workshop in the U.K. with the coating materials supplied via Bostick and Sullivan. When the package arrived I was very disappointed to see that in spite of excellent packing, three of the small bottles of chemistry were broken and the contents lost. A quick email to Bostick and Sullivan, followed by a short telephone call to Melody Bostick had replacements in my hands, within four working days. In these days of poor service and even poorer workmanship, it was a real pleasure to do business with a company, to whom good service is more than just a catchword. Well done Bostick and Sullivan and Melody Bostick.

Jorge Gasteazoro
21-Oct-2003, 14:10
Yeah, you cant go wrong with them, gives a warm a fuzzy feeling..no?..:-)

Peter C. McDonough
21-Oct-2003, 19:37
Same here, nothing but good experiences

Michael J. Kravit
22-Oct-2003, 19:03
B&S provide first class service. Their products are excellent and they stand behind everything they sell. You can't go wrong dealing with them.

Kevin M Bourque
23-Oct-2003, 06:47
There's a message board on photo.net where you can post these kinds of comments. It's a valuable resource for anyone looking to buy from an unfamiliar vendor. You can be the first to post something about B&S.


Michael J. Kravit
23-Oct-2003, 20:00
Why would we want to post to Photo.net. This is the premier LF site of choice. Many of us are platinum/palladium LF printers. AFter leaving photo.net I see no reason to return.

But, thanks for the suggestion anyway.