View Full Version : Question of quality of Schnieder 210 5.6

Neil Cowley
24-May-1999, 14:24
I am an undersgrad photography sudent and just bought a used cambo sc2 with a Sc hnieder 210 symmar 5.6. The camera was in good condition but I'm in question abo ut the lense. The glass is clean but on the barrel inside, seen from front and b ack, there are little silver spots. They look sort of like paint chips. Is this common and will it degrade the image quality or contrast. I thought I got a reas onable price but wasn't sure once I noticed this. I could return it, but would l ike to know any suggestions of a fair value of the lense.



N Dhananjay
24-May-1999, 16:09
hi my guess is that it is 'paint flakes'. i've heard that these old schneiders were painted black on the inside of the barrels and sometimes small flakes can slip between the cemented elements. please bear in mind that this is just heresay (don't know if this is exactly the correct explanation). my guess is that you might lose a little contrast. on the plus side, i have the same lens with the same problem (except that my specks are dark) and i've got perfectly nice pictures (i.e., comparable to my other used lenses which do not have any noiceable stuff in the glass). i wouldn't worry terribly about it. shoot a couple of test images and see if you can live with the results. i think these lenses typically go for about $300 odd. hope this helps.

Dave Schneidr
26-May-1999, 00:44
You are correctly advised that these are paint flakes from the outside of the elements. My lens has them as does every Symmar 210/5.6 I have seen. I corresponded with Schneider's USA repair technicians and S K Grimes about the cost and advisability of repairs. The attitude seems to be that it probably doesn't have much impact on image quality but it can be repaired. I'll dig out the quotes from both parties if you are interested.

Dave Schneidr
26-May-1999, 00:56
Forgot to mention.... Prices will vary depending on the coatings. The Symmar-S 210/5.6 was produced uncoated, coated and multi-coated. The Symmar-S MC version was the last before the APO Symmar was produced. The multi-coated versions usually sell for $500-600 if in excellent shape. The uncoated or single coated versions would be less of course. I bought the multi-coated version within the last year, in the original box with the original lens caps, absolutely perfect condition and paid $595. I think that was a fair price for this lens.