View Full Version : easel alternatives?

Steve M Hostetter
13-Dec-2011, 19:39

I am considering doing some large prints.. I am thinking 20x24" and maybe some 24x30" which would be the largest I can develop with the trays I have..

My question is: What is a good alternative for enlarging easel since this size is 600.00+ new.. Also If and when I can get bigger trays I wanna go really big.!:o

I've seen the magnetic kind but I don't understand how that works since wouldn't the magnets be in the frame If I were to print full frame..?

Do I even need an easel?


Tom J McDonald
13-Dec-2011, 20:23
Try double sided tape.
Usually easels don't print on the entire bit of paper either, so magnets wouldn't pose a problem in my opinion.

13-Dec-2011, 20:41
Home depot/lowes for trays. Drip Pans for fridges/air handlers, cheap tubs for mixing concrete / feeding pigs, wall papering troughs, lots of options.

I print some 16x20's and just lay the paper flat on the baseboard. No easels. The paper lays flat right out of the bag. If it didn't probably a little masking tape gently used might be OK. I don't want to crease or dimple the paper though.