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Richard Fenner
21-Oct-2003, 06:22
Thought some people might like to know that Freestyle have outdated 11x14 Fuji 64T. Anyone know of other sources of 11x14 slide film which is in stock?
Adorama lists EPR on their site but it isn't available; AAA Cameras list several emulsions but don't have any.

Fuji insist they will no longer supply any order size for above 10x8 (not even several hundred boxes); I am aware that a firm is discussing acquiring boxes or master rolls from Kodak, but it's too early to tell what will come of it (also, I think they're after neg film rather than slide film).

22-Oct-2003, 03:30

VISTEK in Toronto www.vistek.net ( if I recll-check on Google if not) had 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 Ektahrome several months ago. You can call 416 365 1777 (check that on the website) and ask for the fim manager.

good luck

Richard Fenner
23-Oct-2003, 00:50
Thanks Richard. I'd heard elsewhere about the Vistek possibility so emailed them last week. No response, so I 'phoned them yesterday. Yes, they did get an order in but it's gone. They'll only be able to order the standard 'minimum order' from Kodak for individuals now.

There must be a few shops out there with at least EPR sitting idle in the fridges.