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joe a kras
13-Dec-2011, 11:04
I picked this lens up recently. I couldn't pass it up. I have never seen anything like it. I looks like a manual focus 35mm nikkor lens but it probably weighs 8kg and is 9 inches across. It has two sets of aperture rings, one set looks like normal and the other set forms a square hole. I would like to know the image circle/coverage of this lens, from basic testing it seems large. I checked the nikon site and this lens isn't listed, there are a couple of others that are close but not the same. Any information would be helpful.


13-Dec-2011, 12:22
You might find it interesting to look at the two most recent posts in this thread, and especially the film referred to about Roland Wirtz: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=55700&page=2

Dan Fromm
13-Dec-2011, 12:22
Joe, it is a tessar type process lens, according to Nikon covers 37 degrees, i.e., around 800 mm at infinity. The catalog says:

The asymmetrical type Apo-Nikkor lenses are intended primarily for reproduction of Japanese and Chinese characters. They have a rather narrow picture angle in order to attain highest resolving power. They can also be used as reproduction lenses in electrostatic photography and microphotography, as enlarging lenses for color and monochromatic photography, and in connection with general purpose cameras like view-cameras and studio-cameras.

13-Dec-2011, 14:07
I wonder if the the square aperture is used to improve the MTF at 0-45-90-180-270 degrees for the Japanese & Chinese characters.

Dan Fromm
13-Dec-2011, 14:16
Half-tone dots, ic.