View Full Version : Photo Techniques (Vol. 17, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 1996)

13-Dec-2011, 10:37
Does anyone have a copy of Photo Techniques (Vol. 17, No. 6, Nov./Dec. 1996)? I'd like to see Bruce Barnbaum's article on Potassium Fericyanide. I've asked Bruce if he has a copy but unfortunately he doesn't. Does anyone have this sitting around?

Merg Ross
13-Dec-2011, 11:47
Are you familiar with the abbreviated version of Bruce's procedure by Ed Buffaloe? Scroll down to item 11.


13-Dec-2011, 12:14
Yes, I've actaully just found it and am reading it now. I'd still like to read the original article if I can get a hold of it. Thanks for the link though!

13-Dec-2011, 14:02
Merg to the rescue!! I now have the article thanks to Merg! I love this forum!!