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Leonard Whistler
20-Oct-2003, 17:11
I am think of buying the Gowland Aerial-Senic 4x5 for aerials and would like to know what your opinions are on this camera. A picture of the camera can be seen at: http://www.petergowland.com/camera/GowlandCamera13b.jpg


John Kasaian
20-Oct-2003, 19:14

I've got his 8x10 model. As I recall the 4x5 model is designed around a lens thats much faster than the 300mm Nikkor f9 used on the 8x10 model. Thats great if your shooting B+W, since with a filter factored in a faster(than f9)lens really makes a difference. For color work you'll be in great shape. Use plastic holders as they have a grooved design that 'leaks' air. If you use smooth wooden ones you'll creat a vacume when changing altitude and won't be able to change the *^%%%%%%%$#@#$%^! holder!(this from experience, sorry to say) All in all a great camera for the job. Call Mr. Gowland and talk to Peter. He can tell you more than anyone else about his cameras---his phone # is on his website www.petergowland.com ---------Cheers, and tell your pilot to fly dirty side down!

Leonard Whistler
20-Oct-2003, 19:40
Ok John....Thanks for the reply.

I emailed Peter Gowland last week and he sent me the brochure on his cameras already. I just wanted a second opinion on his cameras.

David A. Goldfarb
20-Oct-2003, 22:08
I have two PocketView cameras, an older 8x10" and a newer front-moves 4x5", and I've been happy with them, and Peter Gowland is a very friendly and helpful person to deal with.

John O'Connell
21-Oct-2003, 06:11
My experience (8x10 Pocket View) has been excellent. Peter has always been helpful and responsive.

John Downie
21-Oct-2003, 06:57
For reference:


Gowland Aerial 4x5 for $305.

Leonard Whistler
21-Oct-2003, 10:28
I checked out the Ebay site.

Only $305.00 for the camera and a Rodenstock Sironar-N f5.6 135mm lens. The camera alone sells for a little over $1000.00.

James Driscoll
21-Oct-2003, 16:53
As an alternative....the aero technikas have been popping out of the woodwork on EBAY lately....two have sold for around $1000 in the past two weeks.