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Tim Layton
12-Dec-2011, 23:51
Hi, I was very fortunate to recently acquire an Eastman No. 2 8x10 camera. It came with a lens and I was hoping to get some direction on exactly what the lens is. I did find some threads on Vinco, but the thread is fairly old and I am hopeful we know more now.

On the outside of the lens it says AUTEX and below it, it says PAT. Feb. 6, 1900. Around the edge of the lack part right by the lens it says, F 6 8. No. 107529 focus l n.l Wollensak Vinco-anastigmat.

I was digging around at Camera Eccentric trying to find it in a catalog for more info. From what I can tell this lens was probably made around 1913 or after but I am not sure that is right.

Any info, tips, pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.



Steven Tribe
13-Dec-2011, 03:29
I think CCHarrison gave the best contribution in one of the 2 earlier threads.
The F6.8 is a "budget anastigmat" based on the Tessar design. That is, from the front, 2 lenses, iris and a cemented doublet at the rear.

Tim Layton
13-Dec-2011, 07:54
I found some information at the Camera Eccentric site in the Wollensak 1916 catalog via the link below. It is on page 10.



Louis Pacilla
13-Dec-2011, 08:25
Hey Tim

I'm pretty sure the Vinco was the Royal Anastigmat lens. Wollensak bought the optic company of Royal Anastigmat Lens Company and this was the base for all Wollensak lenses at first .

The Vinco was the Royal Anastigmat and the "Vellostigmat III wide angle" the "Royal Wide angle" and finally the "Vitax" the "Royal Portrait".

The Vinco ( Royal Anastigmat) was a symmetrical lens of f 6.8 with each half being about double the FL of the combined lens and about double max aperture. Each cell has 4 elements glued in two pair w/ an air space.

Look in this Wollensak Catalog.http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/wollensak_10.html