View Full Version : Really old Azo

12-Dec-2011, 19:20
I saw an auction for a pack of 144 sheets, 5x7, g2 azo expired in 1945! I figured for $16 shipped it might be worth a shot :)

Earlier tonight I printed some 45 negatives on it.... WOW! Not only is it still good but the paper has a very nice tone I have not seen with other, newer g2 azo.

It is a low g2 or a high g1 now but still very useable...who knew!

I had heard old azo is often still good :)

Roger Cole
13-Dec-2011, 00:12
How are you exposing it? Light bulb on a hanging cord or some kind of contact printer?

13-Dec-2011, 04:50
I have a lamp that I can raise/lower over the contact frame.

Jim Noel
13-Dec-2011, 09:03
Great find! That is the original stuff which was a little softer than the later stuff made in Brazil or Canada. It likely has lost little if any contrast or brilliance!