View Full Version : Lens Identification - American Optical 13" RR

12-Dec-2011, 17:50
In thinning out the herd, I recently ran across an American Optical 13" Rapid Rectilinear. While reading "The Photographic Times and American Photographer" (Volume 13) today, I see there is a reference to "American Optical Company's cameras and stands, and lenses of European make."
Who was the European company they contracted the manufacture of their lenses to, or possibly reworded, whose lenses were they putting their name on?
I know this is always easier with a photo, but I'm not at home to provide the photo.


Steven Tribe
13-Dec-2011, 04:39
I think there may have been a few companies with this name. There was one associated with Scoville (?) and CCHarrison has a catalogue from 1871. But no sign of an RR at this date.