View Full Version : Question about Toyo 45AX

12-Dec-2011, 08:36
I have use of a Toyo45AX and want to use my 90mm lens. Do I need a recessed
lens board?


Brian C. Miller
12-Dec-2011, 08:43
No, the 90mm is fine with a flat lens board. I bought a recessed board for my 75mm, and I've been told that it isn't needed.

Michael S
12-Dec-2011, 08:49
Without a recessed lens board, it will be difficult to employ the drop bed movement.

Brian C. Miller
12-Dec-2011, 09:04
Michael, could you please explain that?

Gem Singer
12-Dec-2011, 09:13
When I had a Toyo AX, I used a 12mm recessed lens board with the 90mm lens.

The bellows compression with a flat lens board put too much strain on the bellows when making large movements on the front standard.

Although it was easier to make movements using the 12mm recessed lens board, it was a challenge to reach the shutter controls.

Never tried the 25mm recessed lens board. It probably would have been more difficult to reach the controls in that deep of a recess.

12-Dec-2011, 13:15
Much THANKS to all. I will try the flat board first!!


12-Dec-2011, 18:12
I used a 90 with a flat board on my AX, but the clearance is tight and movements stiff. I would have preferred a recessed board but got by without it. I did not have a 75 with that camera, but I doubt a flat board would work.

Michael S
13-Dec-2011, 11:05
I use a Toyo 45CF in the field, which is essentially the same camera as the AX but made of a different material. I used to keep the 90mm on a flat lens board, but found that the front standard would not seat fully on the bed rail when focussed at infinity. I shouldn't say that it was difficult to work with, but I felt that the overall stability was compromised. Now I use a recessed lens board, not only with the 90mm but the 105mm Fujinon lens as well, because it allows for significantly more freedom of movement with the bellows. However, at this point I should mention that converting to a recessed lens board can be expensive as not only do lens boards go for between $50 used to $80 new, an L-shaped cable adapter can cost as much as $140 (new). Used adapters can be found, but they are rare. I was able to procure one from KEH for $14, but the shipping for it was almost as much. My advise, stick with the flat board for now.