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Lisa Bevis
30-Jan-1999, 23:43
Sorrrieee.. one other thing I need to find out about is Platinum printing, they don't make things easy here. I have to provide a portfolio of prints in this pro cess, but not until July, but I'd like to learn all about it before I start maki ng negatives in Feburary. I understand that I don't need a darkroom, just as wel l cos I haven't got my own. Any help PLEASE.. And I thought Photography was easy,, WRONG !

brian jefferis
31-Jan-1999, 13:46
I've just started platinum/palladium printing myself. It is true that you don't need a darkroom but having one sure helps. There is some great text about platinum/palladium printing out there. One that I am using and find to be a very straightfoward introduction is Dick Arentz's "An Outline for Platinum and Palladium Printing." (probably not available from your library) This text is available from a number of photographic sources such as Photographers Formulary, Artcraft Chemicals and Bostick & Sullivan. (They all have web pages but can't remember their URL's) These places are great sources for chemicals, texts and some equipment.

Bobbe Singer
1-Feb-1999, 10:13
In February's "Shutterbug" there is a good article on alternative processes. There is a long description of the the how to's on Platinum printing. It sounds very interesting, been thinking about trying it myself. Good Luck! Bobbe

Stuart Goldstein
1-Feb-1999, 10:47
Another book is Dick Sullivan's The New Platinum Print available from Bostwick and Sullivan, the Photoeye, and the platinum gallery. The book costs $54. It seems like it covers a lot (only through page 30 pf 90 pages) and in detail (which I think is important).

If you're in or near NYC, you can get the book from the platinum gallery for $45 +tax (saves on shipping).

None of the platinum books (at least from what I have found and I've been looking) are carried at any of the large book vendors (amazon, borders.com, B&N, B&N.com, etc.) Some used and rare vendors have some of the books, but they may command high dollars.

I'm also starting out in Pt/Pd processing. It's probably best to send me e-mail privately if you want to exchange info because this forum is for lf.

1-Feb-1999, 13:27

You may wish to get in contact with Kerik Kouklis who is an exceptional Platinum/Palladium photographer/printer in Northern California with a web-site (www.jps.net/kerik/index.htm). Kerik also teaches a weekend workshop on Pt/Pd. The other suggestions above are excellent... I would invest in the book by Sullivan. Bostick & Sullivan's url is (www.bostick-sullivan.com) and they have a sneak [preview of the book.)

Regards, Steve

Good Luck!

Nze christian
2-Feb-1999, 09:07
hello lisa It's make 2 year that I print in platinum and palladium using large neg. As other say bostick&sullivan made a really good book on it. 1.for good print you got to take care to your neg developpement 2.take a look to all chemicals suppliers (there is a real prices difference betw enn 2 suppliers) 3.begin with palladium ,less expensive than platinum. 4.Take care of the paper you use (for sharp picture cranes kid finish is really good value) if you to have moreinformation contact me off list and contact this site. http://www.bostick-sullivan.com http://www.nfinity.com/~mdmuir/artcraftB.html http://www.montana.com/formulary/index.html and their links

sorry for my poor enghlish regards nze christian (france)

Lisa Bevis
2-Feb-1999, 11:01
Hey you guys *smile* thanks for helping me out !!! Great info, nearly died when I found out how much this is going to cost :o( but my mum and dad are going to help me out *hugs to all*

jim Ryder
3-Feb-1999, 22:16
Check out the Palladio Company in Cambridge last known address: P.O. Box 28 Cambridge MA 02140 (617) 547 8703. I haven't ordered for a while but they used to carry a full line of ready to use platinum paper and chemicals. Good stuff and reasonable. I listed the full address because I don't think they have a web page or any thing. Prices for Platinum should be falling because of Russia's economic situation.

Eric j. Neislen
5-Feb-1999, 18:18
I have some info on platinum printing on my web site, an article on how to, suppliers for the do it yourselfers, and samples of my work. I would recommend that purchasers of platinum look into Engelhard Corp. Very good prices. THere is also a new group that you should check into on alt photo processes. I don't have the address handy.

Remo Cosentino
10-Feb-1999, 00:57
Anyone and all:

Great info on platinum and palladium printing. I too am interested in platinum and palladium printing, but with a twist. Although I have shot 4/5, the bulk of my work is 35mm. Since my retirement (finally some time to spend on my own work), I have thought about scanning my 35mm negs, manipulating them in Photoshop (don't stop reading, it is a future, if not the only future, for some photographers), and then, somehow, converting them into 4x5, 5x7 or 8x10 negatives, so that I can make contact platinum prints. Has anyone any idea how to retain the grain structure inherent in a good 35mm negative and convert to large-format negatives from a digital file to a continous tone negative?

Help anyone.

Remo Cosentino

Lawrence Watson
11-Feb-1999, 19:49

The short answer is you send your file to an image setter and have a very high resolution halftone neg made. Teeny tiny dots. Can't even see 'em. A very instructive paper on making digital negatives by David Fokos is available at the Bostick & Sullivan web page. Their is also a book on the topic which may be available through them as well.