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neil poulsen
11-Dec-2011, 11:30
I just bought a Deardorff V8 (8x10) from Ken Hansen Photography. I was told that it's an early model; it has no front swings. It also has no baseplate.

I'm really pleased; this thing turned out to be absolutely beautiful, much better than the photos implied. Assuming it's been refinished, it's not been used to any significant extent since that time. For example, there's no wear on the finished wood that one would expect under the stainless steel tracks. There are a few scratches near the tripod mount and a three or four minor blemishes here and there. I noticed there are some parallel, yellowish long "age cracks" in the finish. Or, maybe these are due to thermal variation?

So, where's the serial number located on these cameras? I've searched for one, and I can't find it. It would be neat to find out what year it was made.

While I can't find a serial number, there's what appears to be an "H - 120" or "H - /20" written on the black painted wood with the back removed centered on the right side. (See photo.)

Any insights would be appreciated.

11-Dec-2011, 11:58
This may help
No front swing and no base plate means before 1950, I think. Which also means no serial number.
Ken is a great resource.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
11-Dec-2011, 12:47
Can't help with your camera, but I am delighted to know that Ken Hanson is still around.

neil poulsen
11-Dec-2011, 14:39
The website was informative. Camera was probably made in the 40's.