View Full Version : Need cheap moderatly wide field lens for 5x7 2d

19-Oct-2003, 11:58
Hello all, I am new here and I am sure this was covered at some time but in a google search I could not find the info I was looking for.

I have been rebuilding a 2d for several years now and it is ready. I have a giant 300mm dagor that I do not like the narrow field of view. I want a moderately wide to wide field lens. I will only be shooting B/W for contact printing. I would, of course, love a modern lens but that is out of my price range.

Lens types have always confused me so I do not know what I am looking at when searching E--y. I am not looking for an education just some recomendations that I can take to E--y and look for. I would also really appreciate being pointed to a site that has the different lenses and the angle of coverage for each.

Thank you very much in advance

Kevin Crisp
19-Oct-2003, 12:39
Mark: Consider a Schneider 180 convertible. The prices on these used seem depressed by the fact that it isn't a 150 or a 210, which the 4X5 shooters think they need. It will cover 5X7 with significant movement, well over an inch of rise, for example. Early ones are in Compur shutters (nothing wrong with that, but might need a CLA) but the late serial numbers are in Copal's. I've tried several of them and all were very, very sharp when used with both lens elements. Used prices sometimes as low as $150-$190.

jerry brodkey
19-Oct-2003, 12:50
I usually think of a 210mm lens as being the standard for a 5X7. The coverage should be at least 220mm although 233mm would allow for some movements. A 150mm lens on a 5X7 would be like a 35mm on a 35mm camera. Look at


to get an idea of what is available to do the job...Cheap I don't know; it's in the eye of the beholder....

Michael Kadillak
19-Oct-2003, 13:10
Two suggestions. 135mm Wide Field Ektar. 150mm Kowa Graphic.

I just ordered some Efke 5x7 and will be testing it shortly. I have heard great things about this film.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Oct-2003, 13:32
A 150mm lens makes for a nice medium wide angle on 5x7. Most of the standard plasmats (Sironar-N, Symmar-S, Nikon-W, etc) will just cover the format with little room to move. Some of the graphic-arts plasmats (e.g.; G-Claron and Kowa Graphic) cover with good movement and are reasonably priced. The dialites (Apo-Artar and Apo-Ronars) will not cover. The 135mm WF Ektar, as mentioned by Michael will cover with small movements. The 150mm Dagors will also cover reasonably well: the 165mm WA Dagor covers nicely, but are very expensive. Likewise, a 165mm Angulon will cover nicely, and are cheaper (but in my experience less sharp than the WA Dagors).

There are also modern, multi-coated, and more expensive options: I am currently useing a 150mm Rodenstock Sironar-W, which like the Schneider Super-Symmar HM will cover 5x7 nicely for field work and are very sharp, but not are cheap.

John Kasaian
19-Oct-2003, 14:06

Don't count out the 159mm Wollensak WA or EWA either f9.5 or 12.) They are usually very reasonable and will cover 8x10. Betax and Alphax shutters rock! -Cheers!

John D Gerndt
19-Oct-2003, 17:41
I have run the numbers and seen the prints. If you are contact printing don't worry at all about the high end lenses, any decent lens will look great. Worry about the shutter. Spend some money on a CLA or at least get it timed. Everything depends on consistant, known exposure values.

I use a Hexar, Hexon, Hexigon, I-don't-know-what graphic arts (150mm f9, barrel)lens I got for $40 BEHIND* an Ilex #5 I had serviced. It kicks butt. I have used some vintage glass behind that shutter and IT kicks too but in a different way. Lenses have been made very, very well by many outfits for over 100 years, pick 'em up cheap (in barrel form) and give 'em a try. Feel free to contact me directly if you want any further info.

John D Gerndt

*As you have been working on the camera you will no doubt have the woodworking skillst to arrange for this.

Jerry Flynn
19-Oct-2003, 18:37
I second the recommendation for the 180mm Symmar. I have used one for years on 5X7 and it works fime as a moderate WA.

Jim Galli
19-Oct-2003, 21:14
You'll not do better for image quality, coverage and value than the 150mm G-Claron. Schnieder's web site says they do not cover but they actually cover nicely with movements! Feebay is depressed and the last one I sold only fetched $132. Helluva bargain for a wide field 5X7 lens IN A SHUTTER!! Graphic Kowa 150 and Konica Hexigon 150 both in barrel if you have a packard shutter inside. Last but not least is the little Repromaster 135 or 150 f8. Both will cover 5X7 nicely but they are in barrel. A 6 1/2 inch dagor would cover also I think. For a few more $ (quite a few because everybody loves them) the diminutive Fujinon 180mm f9A. Killer lens. Cheap cheap but still good is the 7 1/2" Ilex Paragon.

CP Goerz
19-Oct-2003, 23:39
All of the above and the 160mm Wollensak Pro Raptar F5.6, very sharp and lots of coverage on a 5x7, its what I use on my own.

CP Goerz

20-Oct-2003, 13:41
Wow. You folks are great. You gave me exactly what I was looking for. When i posted this question else where I got a lot of Super Angulon answers. I was wondering what their definition of cheap was.

Mark Sampson
21-Oct-2003, 09:01
Well, I'd add a suggestion for the Kodak 190mm Wide Field Ektar. The 135mm works great on 4x5 (and covers 5x7) and the 250mm is a fine lens on 8x10. I've never used the 190 but based on my experiences with the other two, it should be a contender.

John Kasaian
21-Oct-2003, 20:54
Another option would be the 203 f/7.7 Ektar, but finding one under $200 would take some looking! An earlier,uncoated version, the Anastigmat, is usually quite cheap and goes for junk store prices in usually a kodak ball bearing shutter. If you can live with uncoated glass and a shutter whose lifespan is quite likely short and terminal, $35 or so should do it. --------------Cheers!