View Full Version : Voss Filter Holder

10-Dec-2011, 16:12
I've recently acquired a Voss filter holder. It appears to take 3" square filters. Does anyone know a source for standard B/W filters to fit? Looking for ND, red, yellow, orange, green. Would a Cokin A-Series filter fit? I 'think' these are 3" square filters.

Bob Salomon
10-Dec-2011, 16:45
Wasn't this a gel holder?

10-Dec-2011, 17:13
Yes, I believe it was. Will this affect the thickness of filter material? I've no experience with gel filters.

Frank Petronio
10-Dec-2011, 17:32
Wratten or Lee Gel Filters



You're supposed to put the filter(s) into a cardboard holder, then use it inside the Voss.

Cokins are lower quality and much thicker, but more durable. I don't know if you can get to squeeze into the Voss.

John Kasaian
10-Dec-2011, 17:40
I've got one of these. The doors are useful for a shade.

10-Dec-2011, 19:14
John, that's what caught my eye as well. Quick, easy lens shade.