View Full Version : Stand development in Nikor SS tank or Jobo 2509N

9-Dec-2011, 18:43

I want to develop my next batch of Fomapan 100 film using the stand method in Rodinal 1:100.

I have a Nikor SS reel+tank and a Jobo 2509N reel (no Jobo tank). I typically do only rotary processing using unicolor drums, but want to try stand development this time.

Can someone comment on the using the Nikor/Jobo setup for the stand development? I have reading about issues with uneven development etc.

Would love to hear your thoughts/recipes.

Thank you.


11-Dec-2011, 06:38
No one doing stand development using the Nikor/Jobo reels?

Brian C. Miller
11-Dec-2011, 18:00
What size is that Nikor tank? The only ones I've seen are the roll size tanks.

If you want to do an experiment, try refrigerated development. My results are in the Lounge, small format thread. Mix the chemicals with cold tap water, pour it in, and give it some good shaking. Then put it in the fridge. Shake once in the morning, once in the evening. I left it in for five days. With Acros 100 and Ilfosol 3, I didn't see any radical change. YMMV, etc.

11-Dec-2011, 19:44

Thanks. Should have mentioned. It is a 4x5 Nikor tank.

So, what is the advantage of refrigerated development?


Brian C. Miller
12-Dec-2011, 00:10
Well, besides having a really long time to work on the shadows? :) According to Lynn's post (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=811160&postcount=20), Mortenson got some very interesting results with skin tones. I'd have to do a number of tests with it to determine exactly what the technique does. From what I saw on my film, the Acros grain remained extremely fine, and the shadow values appeared to be quite excellent. But this is only one test, and I'd probably need to do this with at least three rolls or so. I think that five days was too long, and three days would be better.

I have the Jobo tanks, so I would do stand development for just one reel-full. It's a pain to agitate a big drum by hand, though. I developed Pyro that way. It comes out nice, but I'd rather not slosh around over a liter of liquid.