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Lisa Bevis
30-Jan-1999, 23:32
Hi there, Can anyone tell me where I can find out about Goerz Red Dot apo lenses, and also what Gold rim dagars are ?? I'm studying photography at college, (BYU) and have been told that these lenses are amongst some of the best large format lenses th at have ever been made. I have to do a case study on them, but to be honest, I h ave never even heard of them, I'm sorry for my ignorance but I'm only a young st udent, (22 eekks)I've looked everywhere for info and can't find anything, is my lecturer pulling my leg, do these lenses really exsist ? Once again sorry, but I don't know where to start, PLEASE HELP ME ! Thanks, Lisa

Bruce M. Herman
31-Jan-1999, 00:40
Here are a few articles which should be of use. All are from a magaznie called View Camera.

Dagor Lenses. May/June 1992. pp 54-56. History of Lens Design Pt. 1., July/Aug. 1995. pp 52-56. History of Lens Design Pt. 2., Sept/Oct 1995. pp 54-56. History of Lens Design Pt. 3., Jan/Feb 1996. pp 56-60. History of Lens Design Pt. 4., Mar/Apr 1996. pp 54-56.

In the event that neither the BYU library nor your local faculty have View Camera, you can contact the publisher, Steve Simmons at largformat@aol.com. Their URL is www.viewcamera.com. Good luck.


Tom Gould
31-Jan-1999, 03:21
You might try running a search on www.dejanews.com. You should specifically search in the rec.photo.equipment.large-format forum. The Goerz Red Dot apo Artar and Gold Rim Dagor are reputed to be excellent lenses, particularly for their age.

31-Jan-1999, 10:19
Under the new questions section, go to the top of the page where it says a large format home page. Click on that and go down to lenses, then comments and review, then more on specific classic lenses. It is brief but a place to start.

Lisa Bevis
2-Feb-1999, 10:55
Hey thanks you guys for helping me out *hugs*