View Full Version : A Leaky Holder---Darkslide Dilemma or Flap?

John Kasaian
18-Oct-2003, 00:28
I just developed two sheets of 4x5 in an 8x10 Unicolor Drum. The sheets were from my only fidelity wood 4x5 film holder. When I pulled the sheets of film out, both looked like they had been over exposed at the flap end by approx 3 stops. There is a distinct, straight line1" from the bottom edge of the sheet, 1/2" beynd the place where the edge of the flap would have been. I examined the holders and dark slides---the flaps, tape hinges and darkslides looked good to me. I could understand if it leaked at the darkslide insertion end on the holder, but ??? I thought it might be uneven development from the Unicolor drum, but I've never had this happen before so I don't think it would be the Unicolor---besides there is a very definite straight line. Any suggestions as to what could have caused it? ---------Thanks!

Brian Ellis
18-Oct-2003, 05:16
Is it possible that the holder wasn't properly seated in the camera? If not that, and if not the Unicolor drum, then conceivably the flap isn't properly closing. However, you should be able to determine that just by looking. If this is something that has never before happened with this camera, holder, and drum then I'd guess it's something you did either in using the holder or in developing the film. Try another photograph, this time being certain that the holder is properly seated.

I got light leaks for a while with a camera to which I had added a double bubble level to the top of the back. I finally noticed that when I glued the level to the top of the back I hadn't gotten it flush with the back edge. It was protruding about 1/16 inch over the edge, enough to keep the holder from properly seating. Also, I cover the top of the holder with the dark cloth after the dark slide has been pulled. In doing that I've gotten a small part of the dark cloth caught in between the holder and the back and ruined several photographs that way too. I mention these two problems only to illustrate that strange things can happen to prevent the holder from properly seating.

Louis Jensen
18-Oct-2003, 10:27
Lines like this can be caused by "severely" bending the film when removing it from the holder. If it is dificult to get your finger nail under the film, use a thin blade to separate the film form the holder. Don't just "rip" it out.

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2003, 00:36
..........Hmmmm. I remembered when I pulled the film out of the holders I didn't have the darkslide pulled out very far, so I souped two more 4x5s out of a Riteway holder this evening after unloading the holder verrry gently. Same problem. I tried again with 8x10 film(the Unicolor drum will handle 8x10 as well) and my negatives came out looking pretty good (development-wise, anyway!) so I can safely cross off the list problems with the Unicolor drum and nasty business done to the film while unloading the holders. I'll have to load up a couple more 4x5 holders and see if its a seating problem as Brian suggests. Thanks Guys!