View Full Version : Bacos---Not just for baked spuds anymore?

John Kasaian
17-Oct-2003, 14:58
I've used Liscos, Agfa/Anscos, Regals, Fidelity, Eastman Kodak/Graflex and Riteway film holders, but never a Baco, which sounds suspisciously like something crunchy you sprinkle on imitation sour cream in a baked potato. There are a brace of these 5x7 critters for sale and I was wondering if anyone had any comments. Can they be taken apart like the (nice)8x10 Eastman kodak/Graflex holders? Are they prone to warpage or other calamities such as a poor reputation like tiltalls? If someone(like me) shot their wad on yet another camera and needed some more 5x7 holders would the Baco be worth considering or not? Are Bacos something wonderful thats been lost in antiquity---the 'mother of all film holders' or are they destined for the landfill and eventually a prize of some future archeologist? Can any Baco-rattzis out there fill me in?


Ralph Barker
18-Oct-2003, 11:33
Although I'm tempted to suggest they might crumble to bits after being exposed to a strong heat source, John, I'll try to refrain from the pun. (Oops, I'm not sure I succeeded.) ;-)

Actually, I've never heard of them either, suggesting that they might originate in some other part of the world, or were only manufactured for a short period of time. Either way, I'd suggest asking the seller about their current condition (e.g. lack of warpage), but you still might want to check dimensions against the standard.

Merg Ross
18-Oct-2003, 13:30
John, this is not an answer to your question but Baco Accessories Company made a line of tripod heads that were popular many years ago. They were (are?) located in Hollywood. I can't vouch for their holders but their heads were well made and are still in use.

John Kasaian
20-Oct-2003, 22:17

I checked and these are indeed made in Hollywood. It helps to know they produced well made heads. I hope they did as good a job with their holders. Thanks!