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7-Dec-2011, 14:12
So I picked up a large process camera with which I'm hoping to make 20x24" wet/dry plate photos. Figured it was LOT cheaper than a custom order, but its going to take some work to get it to work, especially with a back and a plateholder. I am thinking, based on the images of the back, to simply order a back from one of the camera makers, and also use their plateholder. I think adapting the back to the camera won't be anywhere nearly as hard as making my own back/plateholder.

I stil have to figure out how to put this camera on a stand of some sort. I was thinking putting it on a board set up on two Sanford & Davis Airlift tripods

7-Dec-2011, 14:35
mate i would put it on a small table with lockable wheels.

7-Dec-2011, 14:36
I was thinking of something like this (http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/material-handling/lift-tables/mobile-tilting/tilting-work-table-300-pound-capacity?utm_source=amaz_shop&utm_medium=shp&utm_campaign=Lift-Tables-Mobile-Tilting-amaz_shop&infoParam.campaignId=T9I#tabs) as a table - it tilts and comes up to 42"
However the video seems to show it is kinda wobbly

Steve M Hostetter
7-Dec-2011, 14:53
i'd fix everything first and make images before i spent 600.00 on that stand


7-Dec-2011, 15:11
i'd fix everything first and make images before i spent 600.00 on that stand



The back is my main concern right now...

7-Dec-2011, 21:26
does look like a good score!

put your 600 back in your pocket, spend on new back, then take some massive wet plate images, sell for 600

knock up or cut down a 40" table, get a few blocks to stick under camera to raise, take em out to lower. or blocks with wooden dowels to hold fast.
or plywood boxes etc

my dad used to have leg extenders on his massage table, just slipped the legs into them. they were same sized timber as legs, just with ply sleeves, you could use a double sleeve and just change legs extenders.

8-Dec-2011, 12:57
Wow. Just wow (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Antique-Scovill-American-Optical-Mammoth-Wet-Plate-20x20-Camera-/170742247165?pt=US_Vintage_Cameras&hash=item27c107eefd).

18-Dec-2011, 19:06
....or shoot in a studio that can be made dark while loading/unloading.

19-Dec-2011, 07:23
How about a Black and Decker Workmate 425. See link below(http://www.blackanddecker.com/power-tools/WM425.aspx)
You could make a plywood tabletop to support the camera full length, and add a part on the bottom to grab with the jaws of the workmate so it can't fall. It has a price of $105. The only problem I see is the height may not be comfortable, you may need a stool or chair when composing your photo.

19-Dec-2011, 09:33
Thanks - guess what I liked about the table I was looking at was the fact that the tabletop could be lifted/lowered as well as tilted. But $600 is indeed a LOT of money. If I could figure out how to get the right parts I'd make a table for myself as I already have a Centennial camera stand - would just need to make a wider copy.

19-Dec-2011, 20:52
Check out the Rockwell Jawhorse, looks like you could adapt a base to lock into the "jaws" that adjust. Have seen in Lowes, but didn't touch so not sure how stable it would be but looked substantial.


20-Dec-2011, 08:54
How about a used drafting table. They go cheap on Ebay, and you may be able to find a used one close to you.

20-Dec-2011, 10:39
How about a used drafting table. They go cheap on Ebay, and you may be able to find a used one close to you.

Indeed I was considering using the tilt mechanism for a drafting table. But it would lack a rise/fall capacity, or at least an easily adjustable one. In any case right now my main concern is cleaning up the camera and putting a back/holder on it.

30-Dec-2011, 18:51
Meet "Big Dutch" folks. Sitting on its lap is a 5x7 reisekamera.

I think I have now hit rock bottom as far as collecting old cameras goes and need an intervention!

There are some curious aspects to this camera - on the rear standard there are a a few knobs that turn. They move some things inside the back. Not sure what that's all about and am too tired to investigate tonight.

Things that obviously need fixing/repacing are the bellows, the ground glass (which the seller broke as he was packing the camera) and of course I'm going to have to get a back and a film holder. I may just buy an entire back assembly with a holder and screw it on the existing back.

I also found a photo of a similar camera - seems a bit larger though.