View Full Version : 90mm on a Shen-Hao, room for movements?

Walter Foscari
17-Oct-2003, 13:39
For those who are using 90mm lenses on a Shen-Hao 4x5. How much room for movements do you have with such a lens and the standard bellows? I have been considering this camera for a while now and I wonder whether I should factor in a bag bellows from start since I use my 90mm Grandagon quite a lot. I should mention that I use mostly front rise.


Gem Singer
17-Oct-2003, 14:47
Hi Walter,

From my experience with the Shen Hao HZX 45AII, a 90 wide angle should be no problem, when used with a flat lensboard and the standard bellows. You should be able to obtain full front rise with the 90 f6.8 Grandagon, providing it fits through the front opening of the camera.

However, since the bag bellows is priced under $100, you probably should get one when you purchase the camera. It will make the front movements much easier. Also, you may want to add a wider lens in the future. You can probably make a package deal if you purchase it at the beginning.

I notice that Jim, at Midwest photo (mpex.com) is including in a lensboard and a carrying case with his Shen Hao HZX 45AII.

Tony Galt
17-Oct-2003, 15:57
I use a Super Angulon 90mm on my Shen Hao just fine with movements. In fact last summer I used this combination to photograph rural churches with tall spires here in Wisconsin . I was able to use movements to effectively get rid of converging verticals and assure good focus front to back (many photos included tombstones close to the camera) with the normal bellows and lens board. With any lens that was shorter in focal length, the bag bellows would have been necessary.