View Full Version : Easily Swap-able Bellows for Field Cameras

6-Dec-2011, 17:36
Which 4x5 Field Cameras besides Zone VI allow you to easily swap a standard bellows for a Bag bellows? I Like Zone VI but am having problems locating a used late model Zone VI (that doesn't use pins)...

Any help appreciated...

Lachlan 717
6-Dec-2011, 17:47
Shen Hao XPO - uses Sinar bellows.

Robert Oliver
6-Dec-2011, 18:00
My Chamonix is super easy...

6-Dec-2011, 18:25
Regular shen hao 4x5's. Chamonix bellows and shenhao's are also interchangable. At least in my experience.

Richard Rankin
6-Dec-2011, 20:27
Wisners can be switched in a few seconds.

Gem Singer
6-Dec-2011, 21:29
Ebony and Canham cameras have interchangable bellows.

Steve Hamley
6-Dec-2011, 21:51
Except the Ebony "RW" models...

Cheers, Steve

7-Dec-2011, 00:26
regarding Zone VI's.. what do you mean by 'pins'

7-Dec-2011, 08:17
Older Zone VI cameras had pins on the back of the camera, and front standard that swing clips swung into to hold the back on and the bellows clipped to the front standard... Zone VI later switched to a sliding clip system...less problematic, and more durable.