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6-Dec-2011, 12:44
Hi all,
I just got an Apo-Nikkor 480/f9. What a sweet lens! There is a spot of dirt.... looks about 1/2 the size of a grain of rice, right in the inside middle of the rear element. I tried to unscrew the rear and it does not want to come loose. How do you get into this lens?

On the rear of the rear element are 2 small holes for a pin wrench. I that the trick?


Michael Kadillak
6-Dec-2011, 13:50
Can you carefully tap it out to the side? Have you shot with this lens to see if it matters?

If not, then I would take it to a lens specialist that has collimation equipment and knows how to take the lens apart properly, clean it and ensure that it goes back together optimally. Without such equipment the spot of dirt will be the least of your concerns. I did this a few years back with a lens trying to save a few bucks and it was a disaster. Now I go to John at Focal Point regularly and gladly have him do his thing on my optics. I took him a 355 G Claron that was exhibiting some haze on the edges of the lens surfaces and he disassembled the lens, cleaned each surface and reassembled it to perfection. The images I make with it are razor sharp just like the lens came from the factory. Just my $0.02.

7-Dec-2011, 05:06
that is sound advice....thanks.

Funny enough when I unwrapped the lens I tried to tap it to get the hunk of crap to move. I must have messed with it for 20 minutes.

After I posted this I took it home and got ready to mount it. I looked and the dirt was gone. I have no idea what happened but it is no longer there. I am not crazy :)

Michael Kadillak
7-Dec-2011, 06:26
Could have been some condensation that looked like dirt. Time to burn some film with it.


8-Dec-2011, 17:06
Try it to see if the spot matters. If not, I would not touch it.

9-Dec-2011, 07:29
Too many fumes in the shop!!!