View Full Version : image circle for a antique Bausch & lomb-Zeiss

Joe O'Brien
6-Dec-2011, 08:53
I have an antique Bausch & Lomb-Zeiss Protar Series V, 6 1/2 x 8 1/2, Jan. 13, 1891 Lens that I put up for sale on eBay for a friend. This lens along with other equipment was inherited by my friend. Neither one of us know anything about LF cameras so we were unable to answer a quesstion that was sent in. The question is" What is the dimension in MM's of the image circle width?"
I hope that someone can help me with this question.
Joe O'Brien

Louis Pacilla
6-Dec-2011, 09:12
WTF. I REALLY need to lay off the hooch so early in the day. Never mind. I was correct about the 1c any way.

6-Dec-2011, 09:19

he has a protar V. the protar V covers more than the tessar 1c given the FL are equal. but you know that.

they both cover 8x10 stopped down. the only difference is that the tessar 1c that covers 6.5x8.5 has a FL of 9 7/8 inches while the Protar V whole plate lens has a FL of 5 1/2 inches.

joe, tell the interested party that the lens will cover 8x10 at the smaller apertures.