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5-Dec-2011, 21:57
After a little bit of impulse bidding, I now own a Rodenstock 5.6/210 Sironar and was hoping to get some of the finer details and specs, including image circle, and which modern lens this is equivalent to. I am assuming this is the earlier version of the Sironar N, it does not have Apo printed on it. It's in a syncro compur shutter. Any info appreciated!

5-Dec-2011, 22:03
Does this lens have a double aperture scale?
I have a 300mm version which does.
It out performs the -N version on closeups.
This lens design went through many changes.

6-Dec-2011, 00:12
This is it, does not have MC printed, and I can't see colour on the glass.


Frank Petronio
6-Dec-2011, 05:48
Some of the earlier 1970s Rodenstocks are prone to separation so be sure to check for that.

Likewise early Schneiders get Schneideritis.

Just like people, age brings out the, umm, character ;-p

6-Dec-2011, 05:56
This one does have separation, but it was not expensive. I figured it would not have much if any effect on the image when stopped done, and I don't really use longer focal lengths (4x5) much so should be fine for when I need one. I have not used it yet though! Now if I could only find my lens wrench.

6-Dec-2011, 08:25
I expect the IC is the same as the Sironar-N... 301mm @ f/22.

- Leigh