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5-Dec-2011, 17:24
Ebay strikes again. More like my ignorance!!

Purchased a roll 10 in x 250 ft of Ilford Paper as follows (from box):

Ilford Multigrade RC Express Glossy

width 25.4 cm, Length 74 m Winding (Cinch wound)

I think this paper was designed to go into print machine. From what I can gather at Ilford it is made for "fast exposure".


-Can I hand expose/develop this material?
-What kind of safe light?
-What kind of developer?

Basically I bought this so I could do all my newbie mistakes on some cheap paper.

Did I just create more problems for myself?

I have not opened the box yet. What can I expect? A roll in black plastic so I CAN open the box, or should I do that in total darkness....? Probably an obvious answer to that.

Would this type of paper be more sensitive to light than regular paper?

I had in mind to put the roll next to a paper cutter and pull off 8" lengths, cut etc to create 8x10 sheets. I would get 375 sheets out of the roll.

Would I also have curling because the paper is on a roll?

Any help and advice on what I have on my hands would be great!


6-Dec-2011, 19:02
Never mind. I found the Ilford Tech info.
Looks useful.
30 cents a 8x10 sheet.