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5-Dec-2011, 15:52
What are my options for doing image transfer these days? I have a 4x5 and a polaroid back, but with Polaroid gone, not sure if any films can be used to get reasonably good results.

Renato Tonelli
14-Dec-2011, 07:45
You can use the Fuji instant.

The Daylab people have instructions on how to get good results. There is also an article on the Fuji website that goes into the details of the process.

I have not tried image transfers with the Fuji film yet.



15-Dec-2011, 02:06
emulsion transfer with the Fuji print film is overly difficult. I recommend trying it, but you'll run into issues trying to peel off the emulsion and then getting it to dry flat on whatever you transfer it to. It likes to curl up like B&W photo papers.