View Full Version : Photography in Asia

Martin Patek-Strutsky
16-Oct-2003, 10:10
Had an interesting chat today with a photographer from China. While doing so I realized that I know almost nothing about photography in Asia (ok, everyone heard about Nobuyoshi Araki, but anything else?)

Any recommendation regarding books, articles, web ressources is very welcome...

Andreas Schmidt
17-Oct-2003, 03:10
For Japan, you might have a look at http://photojpn.org/ as a starting point. Have a look at the book review and photographer's biography sections and you will have plenty of material to digest...

Emrehan Zeybekoglu
19-Oct-2003, 07:33
With respect to Japan, I can recommend the following book: The Light with Its Harmony. Shinzo/Roso Photographs 1913-1941 (Tokyo: The Watari Musuem of Contemporary Art, 1992). This is a nice, hardcover book w/English and Japanese text, containing several duotone photos. I was lucky enough to find this at a discount bookstore some years ago. I don't think I need to explain Shinzo Maeda, who is one of the impressive large format photographers from Japan. In addition, Amazon seems to have a quite a few books on photography in Japan.