View Full Version : Question about Fuji instant films and backs

Gene McCluney
5-Dec-2011, 09:42
For years now I have been using the Fuji FP100C45 in the appropriate Polaroid brand film pack back for testing in my studio.

I understand that one can also use the smaller FP100c film for this purpose in an appropriate back...my question is:

What instant film backs are/were available for this smaller pack film? Do they slide under the ground glass, or must they be attached via Graflok? My Polaroid pack back for the 4x5 material does slide in under the ground glass on my Sinar.

So, I guess I need advice and pointing to where I can obtain the smaller back.

5-Dec-2011, 09:57
The smaller pack film will fit in a Polaroid 405 or Fuji PA-145 back. Both will slide under the Sinar's ground glass, but that may not be possible with older versions of other cameras. The Fuji back is a little better made.


Frank Petronio
5-Dec-2011, 10:24
Some cameras have enough of a gap with their back's springs extended to allow the Polaroid 405 back to "slip in" but it also has a flange that allows you to use the Graflock tabs to hold it in place (with the Ground Glass removed).

However certain camera designs make it awkward or nearly impossible to remove the darkslide. The design of the Sinar Norma doesn't allow the back to sit tightly against the camera unless you orientate it "upside down" vertically. There are a few oddities like that but I think most field cameras are fine.

The earlier Polaroid 405s are better built, over time they cheapened them like everything else.

5-Dec-2011, 10:36
Related question if I may:

I bought a 405 on ebay with no maker but inscribed with "made in the Netherlands." Any clue who made it? Seems nicely made and works like a charm.

Oren Grad
5-Dec-2011, 19:50
..."made in the Netherlands."

The first company that comes to mind is Cambo, but I don't know if they ever made instant film backs.

Tom J McDonald
5-Dec-2011, 20:03
Polaroid had a factory in the Netherlands.

5-Dec-2011, 22:28
Strange that they wouldn't have marked Polaroid on it then. Well if it is a Polaroid I got it for way cheaper than ones marked Polaroid.

Paul Ewins
5-Dec-2011, 22:44
Cambo made passport cameras, so they either made their own pack-film back or got Polaroid to do it for them. I suspect they made their own since I have a box of dark slides for a Cambo passport camera and they are too thick to fit in a Polaroid branded back.

Oren Grad
6-Dec-2011, 00:12
Polaroid had a factory in the Netherlands.

Ah, now that you mention it, that's right - the Impossible Project folks took over part of it.