View Full Version : What is this thing?

5-Dec-2011, 08:10
I am looking to get an 8x10 and came across this on ebay. The title is Sinar S. I have never heard of this model. It appears to have the front of an F and the back of a P. Is this actually something Sinar produced or is it pieced together?



5-Dec-2011, 08:53
The seller somehow gave it a wrong name, but the thing is real. The P/F hybrid is called "Sinar C". The 8x10 one did not sell that bad in its time among 4x5 P users, often being discounted deeper than a 8x10 conversion kit plus one extra front/utility standard and rail - but for the same reason, not that many survived in complete shape.

5-Dec-2011, 09:04
The S model was produced by Sinar for portraiture only. If you look carefully, the rear standard does not have tilt or swing movements, only shift and rise/fall, even though the tilt/swing markings are present.

The C of course is as Sevo describes, a P rear standard and F front standard.


6-Dec-2011, 06:38
Wow! Thanks for the quick replies. It seems like this thing wouldn't be all that useful for landscape with no back tilt.