View Full Version : Any Idea of Value of 155 Grandagon MC

Richard K.
5-Dec-2011, 07:30
There seems to be 2 available here in town used but in very good condition. They're asking $2295 and $1895. One is open to offers (the latter). Any idea of what these are worth now? I couldn't find any sold on eBay. Thanks for any help! :)

Michael Alpert
5-Dec-2011, 10:43

I bought this lens for my 8x10 camera, but I use it mostly for 5x7 when I need a lot of movement. It is big and heavy, but you find no better resolution. It's a great lens. A Super-Angulon 165mm is for sale on Ebay right now for about $2,000. The Super-Angulon has a Copal 3 shutter (which might be standard for this lens), while the Grandagon-N should come with a Copal 1 shutter, which gives you a wider range of shutter speeds. I actually bought mine for less than $1,000, but that might have been an exceptionally low price. I wish I could be more helpful. If you buy the lens, I don't think you will ever be disappointed with its performance.

Oren Grad
5-Dec-2011, 11:29
The Grandagon seems to be much less common than the SA, so it's harder to peg a market price. But IMO the prices you quote are too high - at best, you might be able to convince me of the $1895 price if it's LNIB.

The Grandagon is a fine lens. On the plus side, it's a bit lighter than the 165 SA, because as Michael pointed out, it comes in a #1 rather than a #3 shutter. On the minus side, the Grandagon runs into mechanical vignetting before the circle of illumination peters out; between the slightly shorter focal length and the mechanical cutoff, coverage isn't quite so large as you get from the SA. Either is ample for 8x10, but for someone who wants to try to stretch to larger formats, I think the SA is a better bet.

Clive Gray
5-Dec-2011, 14:53
Aside from the "it's worth what you are prepared to pay for it"

I was watching one on ebay a few months ago and couldn't find it but remembered the seller and have just waded through their feedback to find the auction, it was listed as a Sinaron rather than a Rodenstock and sold for $1600 I seem to remember it had a buy it now or best offer the buy it now I recall as being approx 1150 which if if I had had the funds available I would happilly of paid although strictly speaking I would rather have the Nikon 150Sw myself.


Hope that is of some use.

Richard K.
5-Dec-2011, 15:13
Hope that is of some use.

Very much so, thank you Clive. :)

Louis Pacilla
5-Dec-2011, 15:53
Hey Richard.

I paid around a$900 for mine near three years ago. It had a few lite marks on barrel and one of the caps was not original however the glass was great.

Personally I would not pay over $1200-1400 for a nice 155 Grandagon N but back when I bought mine that was about the going rate for nice one.The price may have gone up a bit as the few 8x10 Grandagons being dumped back then got gobbled up. It seemed when I bought mine there was one or two a week on eBay. I have noticed far few LF lenses being listed on eBay over the last couple of years. Probably being sold here instead.