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4-Dec-2011, 20:40
If I was to mail some 4x5s to E-Six labs in Atlanta, how would a man do that?
What do I put the film in, in order that I may mail them so they are not exposed?
I'm sure there's an easy answer, but I'm kinda new to this.


4-Dec-2011, 20:46
You get an empty film box, the kind with three "halves", for lack of a better word; tape it up so it doesn't open accidentally.
On the box top, write your name, phone number, address, what kind of film it is, what process it requires (C-41, E-6, etc), and how many sheets are in the box.
Put that in a heavy black film plastic, and put that in a bubble envelope or shipping box.
Ask that the film box and plastic be returned to you.

Daniel Stone
4-Dec-2011, 21:12
Just an fyi, if using usps to deliver your package, use a BOX. this time of year I've had them trashing envelopes right and left.

Those small FR boxes are $5 and can take a bit of abuse an envelope can't...


5-Dec-2011, 04:53
Thank you for you help. I thought that's how I would ship it but I did not want the labs to think I was a rookie and I did not know how to get my box back, never thought of just asking for it.

Thanks again,


William McEwen
9-Dec-2011, 15:34
Also write on your film box EXPOSED FILM! OPEN IN COMPLETE DARKNESS.

Do that in large lettering with the biggest Sharpie pen you can find.