View Full Version : Odd Pyro (Stain?) Problem

Steve Hamley
4-Dec-2011, 15:13

I recently did a nice little 4x5 image on B&W developed in PMK that I printed up on platinum nicely and made multiple prints. I got the bright idea that I would take a post-it note with the printing info and place it on the sleeve the negative was in, a single neg Kodak-style sleeve.

I did not file the neg, but left it out not far from a large window, albeit with modern UV screening glass. There is no discernible mark or shadow on the negative visible to the eye, stain or silver, but you can see where this is going.

In spite on being unable to see any artifact whatsoever on the negative, by sky, bare bulb, bright wall, etc, the shape of the post-it prints on the platinum paper clearly with about 1/2 stop less density, in other words, the rest of the negative has lost some density to UV, even though you can't see it.

So what to do about it. What I've come up with so far thinking about and talking to Don D. is this.

1. Refix and wash in strong hypo clear. Dry and print

2. Use acetic_sodium sulfite to remove some of the stain. Dry and print.

3. Lay the neg out and hope exposure evens it out, or place it under my plate burner for 5 - 10 minutes and see if that makes any difference.

So any ideas?

Cheers, Steve