View Full Version : Source for Single Shot Metal 10x15cm and 9x12cm Holders

James Driscoll
15-Oct-2003, 00:50
Don't ask....but I have a yen to shoot 10x15cm and I am in the process of obtaining the ULTRA RARE 10x15cm back for a Plaubel I have.

The thing will only accept single shot "european" style metal film holders.

Anybody know where I can get some??? Or has some lying around I can beg, borrow, buy, or steal???

Thanks James

Bill Jefferson
15-Oct-2003, 03:21
Hi James,

Go to filmholders.com they build new wooden holders

Good luck.


Ole Tjugen
15-Oct-2003, 05:26
I think I might have one or two, or at least can get hold of some. If I have some 10x15cm, you can have them since I only need the 9x12cm holders. Anything larger won't fit my Bergheil...

Ole Tjugen
16-Oct-2003, 10:30
BTW, is it the kind with a thin flange all around you want, or the more evenly thick one?

Ernest Purdum
16-Oct-2003, 17:21
This can be a problem since European single metal holders aren't all that well standardized. I just tried eBay to see if I could find anything for you. No luck this time, but lots of Plaubel accessory items are on there all the time. They're complicated to find, though. If you use the American eBay, there is little there. Nine items total for Plaubel today. By going to eBay U.K., Advanced Search,category Photography, all countries, title and description, Plaubel, I came up with sixty-six items which is more like it. Most were from Germany, logically enough. The usual German word for a holder is "Kassette", but searching for that word isn't much use because they compound it with prefixes like "Filmkassette" and many others, as well as going to the plural, which is "Kassetten".

When you find something, be sure to check for "Will ship worldwide". For some reason, many Germans will ship only to Germany or perhaps Europe.

You will find some large scale sellers in Germany on eBay. One of them might be able to track them down for you.

James Driscoll
16-Oct-2003, 18:18
Thanks for the replies and help so far....this is the rather long winded story.

I own a complete 8x10/5x7/4x5 Plaubel Peco Universal III camera. Since this is one of my "fun" cameras (I use a Sinar for all of my professional work) and 4x5 is only used by me for "pro" work...I have no use for my 4x5 Plaubel GG back.

I found a seller who has a Plaubel 10x15/9x12 model....he cannot sell it to save his life. He wishes to just swap out the 10x15 back for a 4x5 one...and since Plaubel stuff is hard to come by he has had no success.

After discovering the 10x15 format (via an old Plaubel brochure) I decided it would "interesting" to try using it. Since J and C photo now carries film is this size, I became more interested in trying it out. So realizing that Plaubel made a 10x15 back for the Universal series, I tried looking for one with no success until now.

I have not yet worked out the details, and it may not transpire...so I do not have the back yet. What I do have is the "spec" from a plaubel catalog maybe it will help-

10x15 RADA plate holder 10x15cm Normalrail

10x15 RADA sheet-film holder 10x15cm Normalrail

RADA cut film sheath 10x15 cm for above plateholder.

They also refer to the 9x12 "european" style holder as a RADA "millionrail"

What "normalrail" and "millionrail" are baffle me, but maybe someone can tell the difference.

Thanks Again