View Full Version : Old Red (HSI 4143)

Annie M.
4-Dec-2011, 09:33
Dated 1999... poor old darling

I assume that some adaptation of process is required for this sad little box of film... I only have 24 sheets so I would appreciate any wisdom from those who have managed to bring this film back from death's dark door.... ISO/Developers/Time... I don't want to sacrifice too many sheets on the alter of my inexperience.

Is the 35mm the same?... I have a few rolls of similar vintage cowering in the corner...

Hurry... I think I actually heard a little sigh coming from the box.

Thanks, Annie

Brian C. Miller
4-Dec-2011, 18:26
How has the film been stored? That's the most important thing. If it was sitting around at room temperature, then the IR dyes have certaintly degraded. If it was extremely frozen in a fridge, then it may be still viable.

Load and expose one sheet at ISO 400 with red 25, deep red 29, or nearly black like B+W 092. Now you have something you can cut up and process a little piece at a time to experiment with different developers. Look at Digital Truth (http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=HIE&Developer=&mdc=Search)'s Massive Dev Chart, select Kodak HIE, and see if your favorite developer is listed. I like Xtol, and that's 8-12 minutes at 68F.

Good luck!

Annie M.
4-Dec-2011, 18:30
Thanks Brian... that is just what I'll do!

5-Dec-2011, 14:11
You don't have to use a full sheet for each attempt at dialing in the exposure and processing---a pair of scissors and a roll of masking tape and you can make multiple exposures (each of which can be further cut up for development experiments). Of course, you can also multiple-expose by pulling the darkslide in increments, but then you can't correct the exposure based on the first results.

That little sound from the box may also be a gasp of surprise, in anticipation of a fulfilled life after all!