View Full Version : Camera ID

John Downie
14-Oct-2003, 21:50
Does anyone know what this is? Size? Brand?


Brian Kennedy
15-Oct-2003, 08:55
John, I think someone stole your camera before we had a chance to ID it. Seriously, you might want to attach a link to a photo of the camera :-).

John Downie
15-Oct-2003, 11:27


15-Oct-2003, 11:53
German plate camera? Ask him what is written on the lens and shutter. You can get a pretty good bet that way. Measure the holders for format.

Colin Carron
16-Oct-2003, 15:58

I have a very similar looking camera with no name on it. It also has a wooden body , frame finder, rising front etc. I reckon mine was made by Certo but as it is reticent about who made it I respect its privacy. The plate size can usually be worked out from the lens focal length. 105mm = 6x9cm and 135 = 9x12cm etc.