View Full Version : How to Shoot a Toyo Field Camera ala Speedgraphic

Andre Noble
3-Dec-2011, 19:54
Hello I want to use a 150mm lens and take portraits in vertical orientation. Use string and preset focus, check.

But how do I frame the portrait? I thought of a 50mm viewfinder from a Leica type 35mm but that sits horizontally, so no go.

Any other ideas on how best to frame?

PS this is for personal assignment, so solution doesnt have to be perfect.

3-Dec-2011, 20:21
A tripod and the ground glass?? If you want to shoot 4x5 handheld I wouldn't use a field camera designed for use on a tripod! Speed/Crown Graphics are cheap.

Brian C. Miller
3-Dec-2011, 20:37
What you want to do is rig up something like the "sports finder," which is just a big metal rectangle on the front standard, and a little pop-up circle on the back. You can do something similar with a paper towel tube taped to the top of the case. Prefocus a bit, and match up the paper towel tube aim with the ground glass. When you are ready to shoot, just look down the tube. The concentric circles formed by the ends of the tube will be just for aiming the camera.