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3-Dec-2011, 14:04

I am looking into doing some RA-4 20x24 inch prints myself. I have printed color in my darkroom before... But never at this scale. My main problem is developing sheets that size. Any suggestions about whether tray, trough or print tube would be very helpful.
Was there ever a 20x24 print drum made by Beseler or Uni-Color.

My main reason for using this method is the cost. A 20x24 print will cost me about $6.00 US including paper and chemicals. A far cry from the $3.99 ~ $6.99 a square foot that a pro-house wants to charge.

3-Dec-2011, 14:06
jobo 3036 drum will work too.

3-Dec-2011, 14:09
jobo 3036 drum will work too.

Sorry... Jobo is way out of my price range

Greg Davis
3-Dec-2011, 14:16
There are tubes available by Chromega/Simma-color. I have 4 or 5 in that size.

3-Dec-2011, 14:22
Would tube be the best method? How about trough.

Is there anyway to build your own tube out of 4 Inch ABS pipe?

3-Dec-2011, 15:08
4 Inch ABS pipe?

I think you would need 8" diameter pipe -- pi * d = 3.14 * 8" = ~25"

You could use 6" pipe x 24 long if you are willing to have a 18.5" x 24" print, which is closer to a 35mm / 6x9 form factor.

5-Dec-2011, 07:55
Drums are the way to go. 30x40 drum:


It's a HDPE pipe and very chemically resistant. A 36x50 is currently under construction, but that one requires epoxy and polyurethane since the drum is PVC-U (U stands for 'unplasticized'). Both drums as well as ten caps cost me nothing. Have a good hunt!

Peter Mounier
5-Dec-2011, 08:32
I have a 20x24 Chromega drum you can have for $30.00
Send me a pm if you're interested. I live in Morro Bay but will be in Long Beach this coming weekend.


7-Dec-2011, 12:09
What about DevTec? Anyone had any experience?

BH doesnt show any available. Is the company still around?

Drew Wiley
7-Dec-2011, 12:18
Dev Tec drums work perfectly well. Just one issue - after one or two final rinses in the
drum, finish the rinsing in a tray of running water because the Dev Tec drum has no
internal ribs to allow water flow behind the print. Temp control issues are the same
as with any other drum.

13-Dec-2011, 14:11
Thanks All for the Help.

If this project gets the green light I will probably hunt up a drum.