View Full Version : Take a Speed Graphic Skiing?

John Kasaian
14-Oct-2003, 14:50
In anticipation of winter and the prospect of getting contacts of wonderful crystalline snowscapes I got an old 5x7 side handle speed graphic. While I'm waiting for this little bundle of joy to arrive, I was wondering if anyone here has any insite or experience with the 5x7 speed graphic they'd care to share(especially regarding packing it around on skis.) I'd like to use 14" APO Artar as a long lens(I've got 16" of bellows) but there is some concern that it would be too heavy for the front standard. Are there any lighter 14" alternatives? Thanks!

Jim Galli
14-Oct-2003, 17:18
John, does it have a focal plane shutter? If it does, look for a 355 Repro Claron in the aluminum barrel mount. Very small and light. And very sharp.

John Kasaian
14-Oct-2003, 17:24
Thanks for the tip Jim! It does have a focal plane shutter, though I don't know how healthy it is.--------cheers!

Scott Bacon
15-Oct-2003, 08:44
Don't crash... :-) I say this in jest because 3 years ago I took a pretty tough spill in the backcountry with a 35 lb. pack including LF gear and broke my shoulder. Nothing like the sharp snap of the humorous bone to get one's attention! It was a long, slow ski, in the dark, (of course I was shooting at sunset) back to the hut.

That being said, I still ski with the LF. I love winter and axiously await its arrival!!