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Paul Dumanoski
2-Dec-2011, 13:36
I have a Century No. 6 studio camera with a 10 X10 ground glass and a tambour plate holder. Are there other styles of plate holders, Century or not, that will fit the No. 6? I shoot wet plate and the tambour holder works but one with a darkslide would be a little easier.
Thanks for any help as finding detailed information on this has been difficult.

Paul D

Steven Tribe
2-Dec-2011, 15:24
Photo of the back set-up would help. Are these mounted on a sliding back or are the 10x10 (covering 8x10 in v & h position in the plate holder) ground glass and the 10x10 (8x10 v or h) glass plate holder mounted in succession? The later Century - Eastmann have a large central holding (sometimes!) clip and a full strip at the bottom.

Paul Dumanoski
3-Dec-2011, 07:07
I'll get photos when I have a moment.
It does have a central clip with a full strip on the bottom. The tambour holder allows for either vertical or horizontal placement of the plate.

Steven Tribe
3-Dec-2011, 07:37
You are quite lucky as this was the original type 8x10 holder, chosen by studio photographers who had lived through the 1880's and 1890's!
These are very difficult to get hold - I know from experience.
Most Century Studios were fitted with 8x10, and later 5x7, spring backs as the 20th century got older. Any type of 8x10 spring back can be adapted to fit your camera.
Alternatively, you may well find someone with this later type who is on the lookout for your type because of their suitability for other than silver film.

6-Dec-2011, 01:51
if you get a spring back for your camera you can always use a new 8x10 wet plate holder from

Steven Tribe
6-Dec-2011, 02:25
I suppose jodyake is the same person as jody ake (incameraindustries)?
Probably a very useable product, but the appeal of getting hold of a Studio Camera is less when a single wet plate holder doubles the investment that is necessary to get started!

7-Dec-2011, 03:20
yes it me, jody of
and http://incameraindustries.com/
sorry for the shameless self promotion but when it comes to wet plate holders there is not a lot options out there.