View Full Version : LF Velvia availability in Moab Utah

Tony Peacock
14-Oct-2003, 06:52
I am planning a trip to Moab and Page soon and would like to know if there is a source of 5 x 4 Velvia 50 in Moab or Page or if I need to ship it out with me from the UK. If you can help I would appreciate it. regards Tony

Frank Filippone
14-Oct-2003, 08:42
Probably not. The closest sources would be St George Utah ( Canyon Country Photo). SUggest you mail order film and have it drop shipped to your first hotel.

Steve Baggett
14-Oct-2003, 15:54
I was in Moab 4 years ago and this place sold 4x5 Velvia and would process them, also. Action Shots, 331 N. Main (435) 259-8086. Don't know if they are still around or not.

james mickelson
14-Oct-2003, 19:43
In Page you are out of luck. There isn't any 4x5 anything. In Moab you can find it if you are lucky and they haven't had a tour of large format guys there. Just go to the camera store and ask. I have always gotten some when I have run out in the fall. You can have B&H or FReestyle send you some there.

dan nguyen
14-Oct-2003, 21:52
Forget St.Georges too... bring it with you is the safest way (or get it mailed), my experiences.

Tony Peacock
15-Oct-2003, 02:34
Many thanks for your responses. This is a great forum. I will take the advice and carry some and order some. Should be safe that way. regards Tony

Don Miller
15-Oct-2003, 06:14
Action Shots was in business in August. One option would be to order ahead from them. Probably less expensive and less trouble than shipping.

Tony, Moab is incredible. Outside the parks I liked the drive into the national forest through the valley at Castle Rock.