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1-Dec-2011, 01:01
FYI, on the auction site out of Australia

Not affiliated in any way...

Frank Petronio
1-Dec-2011, 01:22
Looks like it drifted over in the ocean currents....

1-Dec-2011, 01:52
yeah it's a chunky lookin' mo'fo...
"If I hadn't sold mine in 1986 I very well could have avoided buying the next twenty view cameras" - Frank Petronio 31-Dec-2008

Frank Petronio
1-Dec-2011, 06:23
Eh sometimes - rarely of course - I lay down a layer of bullshit to grease the skids.

The downside is that while it was a good design and overall nice camera, it also had some design and manufacturing flaws. Many simply got loose and wore out - lots of soft metals used, Aluminum on Aluminum, etc.

A clean one is certainly nice enough though.

Frankly I've learned that there is no perfect camera, if they build them well - like a Linhof Bi - freaking amazing workmanship and design - then they are too heavy carry or too expensive for what they are. An 8x10 Ebony is a beautiful camera but it's kind of dumb to put $6000 wood sculpture on top of a Carbon Fiber pole and then be sad when the wind tips it over and smashes it to bits.

In my more lucid moments I realize the brilliance of the inexpensive cameras... how a Crown Graphic could do 98% of the shots you see on this forum - and also how it is built inexpensively but really durable and functional. Or how convenient it is to buy a Sinar bellows for $50... a lot to be said for things like that. Sometimes the most usable stuff is made from inexpensive bent metal rather than expensive milled blocks, things like that....

1-Dec-2011, 07:44
Amen, Frank. This is the least bullshit I've seen from you for a long time.:)